Pluralsight iPad and iPhone Apps


I’m now into my second year as a Pluralsight customer and overall I’ve been hugely impressed with the quality of their online training material. The only pain point I’ve felt was the lack of an online player that worked on the iPad. I was therefore delighted today to find out via Twitter (@Pluralsight) that they’ve just released an iPhone and iPad app. Having just spun up both versions I was delighted to see once logged in that it tracks my watched content just like the website and most importantly lets me watch the entire online catalogue through the iPad. Bingo!

I’ll probably continue to download the videos and sync into iTunes for offline viewing but this ability to watch anywhere I have net access without needing to sync and manage the limited space I have left on my iPad has removed that final pain point for me in my online training. Good job Pluralsight, keep it up.


Hierarchical Work items


I tweeted recently about my wish for hierarchical work items on the TFS check-in dialog within Visual Studio and was somewhat surprised at the number of responses in agreement I received. Hierarchical workitems have been one of the most hyped features of TFS 2010 (and rightly so as they’re awesome for better support of the planning effort) but the lack of their presence on the check-in dialog presents a little too much friction for the development team at the moment in my opinion. Whilst we can filter and search using custom queries I’d still like to see this become a feature in an upcoming service pack as despite the huge number of extensibility points into TFS, access to this dialog isn’t available.

Finally, over the last few months I seem to have become both the custodian and evangelist of our TFS proposition. I can really see the benefit in process improvement TFS offers. The tooling should enable not dictate your process and I believe TFS 2010 provides that. If I could just drag enough key players along kicking and screaming, I have the Development Manager and one key PM on board so far so watch this space for more updates on how I get on riding the TFS train.