Trendy GitHub yields accounting.js


Every now and again I like to check in on what’s trending on GitHub.  When you get a spare five minutes take a look, I think you’ll find it quite useful, even perhaps a little entertaining.

This morning I came across accounting.js.  Whilst I don’t have an immediate need for this one I can see it being something I’ll definitely be considering in the future.  Click through for more info but essentially it’s a javascript library for formatting financials.  In particular I like the formatColumn() function that provides various padding functionality for tabular data.  Nice work Joss.


More to come


All too often lately I find myself saying “I should blog about that” but something always seems to break down between the keyboard and chair interface resulting in an ever increasing product backlog in my head.  Well no more!  I’m setting myself the challenge of at least one blog post a week for the next three months.  Let’s see how I get on.