Windows 8 – Import pictures directly to a custom SkyDrive folder


If you want to import pictures from a camera or any other USB device straight to a custom SkyDrive folder you can’t do this using the Windows 8 Photo Application. By default it will import all photos to your picture library which won’t be linked to your SkyDrive folder. Whilst you can then upload the imported pictures to SkyDrive manually, this will duplicate the content, it’s far too time consuming and it will also incur the extra download from the SkyDrive servers to sync back with your local SkyDrive folder! There must be a better way.

I’ve fixed this by setting up my pictures library to point straight to the pictures folder within my local SkyDrive folder (which is stored on a second hard disk rather than my SSD where space is always at a premium). That way you’re importing from USB straight to SkyDrive all through the new Windows 8 Photo Application.

  1. Open Windows Explorer (Win + E)
  2. Move all of your pictures from Libraries\Pictures to the folder of your choice within your SkyDrive folder. For most people this will be the default Pictures folder you are provided with SkyDrive.
  3. Right click on Libraries\Pictures and select Properties

  4. Select the path to the current pictures folder most likely C:\Users\username_000. I don’t like the way Windows 8 creates these folder names when using Windows Live for your login.

  5. Click Remove
  6. Click Add
  7. Navigate to the pictures folder within your SkyDrive folder you just moved all your pictures to
  8. Click Include Folder

  9. Click OK.

  10. Click OK.

You now have the Windows 8 Photo Application importing directly to your SkyDrive.

You can also hide the Picture Library from the photo app as this is now just duplicating your SkyDrive folder. Open the charms menu (Win + C) inside the Photo App. Select Settings, Options and uncheck Picture Library. Alternatively you could setup a new “Local” picture library as I have done for importing/storing images you don’t want synced to the cloud.


Windows 8 Stack – A clearer perspective


Having now watched the keynotes and a couple of sessions from Build (sans whacks) I’ve found myself still confused about how the new stack built around WinRT hangs together.  Has my recent effort to spend some quality time with javascript on the assumption that it’ll become far more prevalent come to fruition or should I be hanging my hat with the XAML brigade or maybe I need to brush up on my C++?  The answers to these and many more questions remain unanswered but the following article by Doug Seven goes a long way to helping me push past the marketing hype.  His article is worth a read if only for the “marketecture” reference.

Vista UAC


OK its not ideal but with two children and woeful parental controls I’m persisting with it. However, the greatest test of my patience was when I found the lack of secpol on my Home Premium system. So in order to disable prompting of admin accounts I need to edit the registry on my Home Premium whilst my Vista Ultimate laptop gets to use secpol…thanks MS!

Take a look here if you’re in a similar position.